Discipleship U is a 5 level course to help you to become all that God has created you to become. The sole purpose is for you to be able to begin to fulfill the destiny that God has placed on the inside of you. DU is held on Sundays @9am at LCOG.

Level 1 = 10 weeks  Level 4 = 9 weeks 
Level 2 = 10 weeks  Level 5 = 6 weeks 
Level 3 = 9 weeks  

(You must take them in order but you don’t have to take them consecutively)

This course will help you to discover who you are in Christ(your true identity), the fullness of what Christ has done for you and the true nature of God. You will be able to connect with others, learn how to do relationships better, get a better understanding of your authority as a believer, and discover why God created you the way he did. So sign-up today and get ready for the next Discipleship U class, coming soon!