The Book of Revelation is a vision the Apostle John received on the Island of Patmos in approximately 95 A.D. This apocalyptic book is one of the most important messages concerning the future, yet one of the least read books of the Bible and often the least understood. In this course, Perry Stone will walk you through the Book of Revelation with imagery, graphics, props, charts and fundamental explanations. Perry Stone is one of the foremost authorities on Bible Prophecy in the world and his lifetime of research gives you insight and explanation from this sacred eschatological book. He not only helps you to understand Revelation, but also offers theological soundness and practical perceptions.
This course delves into the incredibly complex and nuanced prophecies in Daniel, highlighting specifically the parallels between prophecy in Daniel and Revelation. Some prophecies in Daniel have already come to pass, lending complete legitimacy and a framework within which the future prophecies can be understood. The visions of Daniel detail a wide variety of prophetic material, and in this course Perry Stone showcases his years of study and insight on the subject. Ultimately, the material in this fascinating course culminates in the first and second comings of the Messiah and how prophetic language speaks about those momentous occasions.
Much of the Bible remains a mystery to those who read it, because the Bible does not read like a novel, a narrative, or even a history book. It is a living book filled with prophecies, encoded information about the origin of the Earth and of man, and is filled with scientific facts that predate the discovery of those facts. For instance, the Bible says the Earth is round (Isaiah 40:22), and yet for thousands of years it was thought to be flat. This course walks you through two incredible teachings by Perry Stone. It will teach you about the Genesis Code and the Noah Code – each a treasure trove of cryptic information in the Old Testament. Each of the lessons will leave you intrigued as knowledge is unveiled and you begin connecting the interdependent dots of biblical facts.
This written course discusses the significance of specific natural disasters and their connection to biblical predictions and prophecies regarding the last days. Using Scripture, Perry Stone explicates how certain passages in the Bible point to natural phenomena common in this day and time. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the implications that the natural disasters today have on what we know about the end of the world.
The videos in this course discuss how specific Bible Prophecies that were written thousands of years ago regarding Israel and its surrounding countries are becoming reality. Prophets such as Zechariah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah recorded the words God told them to write in their respective books, and now these divine revelations are unfolding today. Perry Stone examines these prophecies and gives Scriptural proof that God is faithful to His Word. In this course you will also see how Israel is God’s prophetic clock to help us understand where we are in Bible prophecy. The unique facts revealed in this course are an accumulation of decades of study, Rabbinical studies, and years of traveling to Israel for research.
In the second course of this written series, biblical prophecies about terrorism and extremism are brought to the surface in light of the American war effort against terror. More specifically, Islamic terrorism further solidifies the history between Isaac and Ishmael and their descendants. Biblical evidence is provided in order to explain why such events are happening, as well as how such events correlate to the apex of the Apocalypse.
In the third written course of this series, Perry Stone discusses whether America is blatantly prophesied about in the Bible. Can anything be predicted about America’s fate based on what the Scriptures say? If the answer to this question is yes, what is America’s role in the End Times, and how do such facts affect us today? These questions are addressed in this course, and light is shed upon the possible future of America as Jesus’ Second Coming approaches.
This fourth written course in the Unusual Prophecies series looks at an array of controversial prophecies in the Bible. For example, Catholic prophetic beliefs are analyzed for their biblical accuracy, as well as the reported sightings of apparitions of Mother Mary. In addition, this course also looks at specific prophecies and inferences regarding the Antichrist and the False Prophet that will arise in the Last Days. In his introduction, Perry Stone calls this one of his personal favorites of the series, and admits that it is one of his more contentious works.
Course five of this written series discusses the speculation surrounding whether Jerusalem is in the same location as the original Garden of Eden, and how this potential fact will be significant in the Last Days. Perry Stone explains the scriptural background that bolsters this theory and ties Jerusalem’s history with its future prophetic potential.
This written course speaks specifically about how contemporary modern Israel shows signs of Jesus’ second coming based on events that have transpired to fulfill biblical prophecies about God’s people. For example, it was prophesied in the Bible that Israel’s reunification (which culminated in 1948 when Israel was given its independence) would be a sign of Jesus return. This and several other prophetic statements are considered and intertwined with what is expected to happen at the end of time on Earth.
This seventh written course in the Unusual Prophecies series examines the significance of certain unusual cosmic and astronomical happenings that can be connected to ancient biblical prophecies and explained using modern-day technology. Perry Stone links certain verses and passages of Scripture to seemingly normal cosmic events such as eclipses and blood moons. This course promises to be a unique prophetic conceptualization.
Continuing with the series’ theme of unique prophetic concepts about the world’s end-times, written course eight investigates topics like the “mark of the beast,” the “Antichrist,” and the numerology surrounding them. It is difficult to understand some of what the Bible says about these unnerving prophecies, so this book allows the reader some insight as to what can be expected in the Last Days.