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Common Questions

Common Questions

Are all children required to be checked in by a parent or adult guardian?

Yes. We place great value on your child because they are precious to you and to God. This helps to ensure the best care for your child. This gives us an opportunity to update important family contact information or handout special parent memos from the children’s ministry.

If I have an older child and a younger child, can they be checked in the same room together?

Although we do make exceptions on an individual basis, we strongly prefer that each child go to their age specific class. The structure, curriculum, and activities are age group specific. If an exception is made, the general class guideline is to assign the older sibling to the younger siblings classroom for the first one or two visits. If the older child is distracting to the class, then both siblings will need to join their age group class seperately.

Can I go to the room with my child?

We invite parents to join their child in a classroom for periodic visits, or to help them adjust to the new environment. You must inform the check-in leader for permission, and obtain a Special Guest Observer Name Tag to wear. You may not assist the teacher with any other child other than your own, or lead in any of the class programs, including music, the lesson, activities, etc… other than helping your own child. We have wonderful volunteers who love children. They plan, prepare, and pray to make your child’s worship experience fun and meaningful. Take time to enjoy your adult worship experience. We offer parental “hints” so you can make the transition into the adult service and offer your child a positive experience as well.

What if my child needs me during the worship experience?

If your child needs you during the worship experience, we will contact you by displaying your child’s number on the call board located in on the left front wall of the sanctuary.