What is Life Church School of the Word?
Life Church is in partnership with the
International School of the Word (ISOW)
and Perry Stone Ministries. Our School of
the Word is a campus Ministry located at
Life Church. We are so excited to bring a
school of this distinction into our area.
Life Church School of the Word (LCSW) is
an affordable Bible school working to
connect the word to the world. Our vision is
to offer discipleship on a certificate level to
those desiring a deeper biblical education
and stronger relationship with God.
LCSW offers certificate-based
courses that can be taken a la carte or
applied to one of five categories of
certification in biblical and ministerial
studies. This provides an opportunity for the
individual looking for an occasional course
for personal study and discipleship to be
involved in this program. New courses are
added periodically. Check our website for up
to date additions!
LCSW studies also allow
you to work at your own pace. You decide
when, where, and how long you want to
All courses will be held at Life Church on the
second floor of the campus and you decide
what course is best for you.
Courses & Facilitators
Our courses are almost exclusively video
teaching with printable outlines, while
remaining courses are written curriculum
with MP3 audio
Each course will house a Life Church
School of the Word facilitator who will
promote classroom discussion within each
course of study to gain a better
understanding of the material.
Course Cost:  $25.00 each
Categories of Study

Life Church School of the Word will offer
the following 6 categories of study. Click on each category to get a more detailed explanation of each individual course:

Courses will be added on an ongoing
basis. Please check below for
details on current courses being offered.
***We will contact you with information when and where the class will start as soon as enough students have shown interest in enrolling in the course(s) you have chosen