This course will give you insights about eternity. We will cover almost every scripture in the Bible on heaven and hell in this study. You will walk through the fiery, dark chambers of hell as we explore the various religious views of hell. You will also walk down the streets of gold, visit with angels and worship around the throne of God as we see revealing insights on what life in heaven will really be like. Heaven is a real kingdom, with a king and a capital city, New Jerusalem. The universe is the territory of the kingdom where saints and angels will coexist.
The Old Testament Survey overviews the Old Testament in a fourteen-lesson segment. This course will cover the Pentateuch, the historical books, the prophetic account of history and the people of Israel’s obedience and disobedience, the Poetic and Wisdom literature, the Major and Minor Prophets, and how each of these contains wisdom that can be applied to everyday life. The Old Testament Survey details the preceding of God’s fulfillment through Christ in a historical and tangible form.
The New Testament is the latter portion of the Bible and represents the separation of God’s people from the Old Testament Covenant and Law due to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All of the New Testament is essentially characterized by Jesus: The Gospels provide narratives of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, the Pauline epistles and subsequent books instruct the Christian Church in the way of the New Covenant, and some of the later books, such as Revelation, provide insight and instructions on Christ’s Second Coming. The contemporary Christian Church relies heavily on the New Testament for guidance, doctrine, and exhortation.
This Basic Theology course taught by Dr. James DuPree offers an in-depth look at the terms and ideas every student of the Word should know about theology. Dr. DuPree discusses the study of theology itself and how it has evolved, the historical context of the Church’s various doctrines, the difference between some major schools of thought, and of course the biblical evidence and backing for all of the positions discussed. For any aspiring Bible-scholar or especially to ISOW students new to the ideas presented in serious theological study, this is a great and worthwhile course filled with dozens of references and outside sources, terminology, and Bible passages that confirm or deny commonly held beliefs.
Dr. Bryan Cutshall’s “Expository Study of Angels” is as vivid and rich a study as you will find on this topic. In this course, Dr. Cutshall examines every mention of angels in Scripture in an attempt to dissect their nature and separate doctrinal truths from pop-culture. The Lord’s angelic host is an enigma to mankind, but this scholarly study can help explain the descriptions of angels, how and why they appear in visions and dreams, what interacting them in person could be like, and how God uses them for a variety of purposes in the Bible.
This course covers the Rapture from a variety of angles and examines what a host of scriptures have to say about eschatology. Follow Perry Stone as he delves deeply into everything he and other scholars can learn about the Rapture, including the earthly conditions required for the Rapture to occur, the logistics of how and when it may occur, what Old Testament Prophets and New Testament Apostles had to say about it, the Book of Remembrance and how it relates to the Rapture, and who exactly will be involved in the event. Prepare to learn about this subject in more depth than you ever have!
This course is a study of subjects such as evil, Satan, and demons, examining many world views and religious beliefs but focusing on the final authority of the Bible. Instructor Perry Stone attempts to answer questions about where demons come from, their origins, and what the Bible says about their existence and interaction with the world. In this course, you will go through Hebrew and Greek word studies on evil and a theological exposé on the role of the devil in the Old and New Testaments. Further, Perry Stone gives encouraging and enlightening advice regarding the authority of the believer in spiritual matters and how believers are to interact with the spiritual world.
Dr. Michael Knight is an enthusiastic communicator, Christian apologist, and archeological researcher. The word apologetics means an argument or defense in the justification of something. Christian apologists use science, history, or other evidence to support the validity of the Bible and Christian beliefs. In this course, you will be presented with amazing pictures and thorough research. You will visit archeological sites, read from ancient scrolls, and witness artifacts that were found in the digs of ancient biblical cities. The information in these presentations have been used to persuade staunch atheist to change their mind and put their faith in Jesus Christ. The undeniable evidence presented by Dr. Knight is profound, extremely interesting and deeply spiritual.
How did we arrive at the collection of 66 books of the Bible that we now have and consider canon? Can we trust that those books belong legitimately among all the others? What does it mean for Scripture to be inspired? What did believers do before they had a canon? What are some books that were almost canonized, and why were they not? Questions like these and many more will be explored in detail in this richly theological and historical course. Dr. Michael Knight is an expert Christian apologist, archeological researcher, and student of the Word. Join ISOW and Dr. Knight on a journey through church history and nuanced doctrine to study and show yourself approved.
1 Corinthians 12:1: “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant.” The first statement in this chapter should be enough to entice us to learn about spiritual gifts. This is one of the most exhaustive teachings ever presented on this subject. Perry Stone captivated a live audience for several days while teaching this course. The reviews were astounding as many heard this subject explained in more detail and simplicity than ever before. You should leave this course with a comprehensive knowledge of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they operate in the church and the lives of believers.
In this course, instructor Perry Stone examines the entirety of Scripture in order to understand the Holy Spirit’s person, attributes, function, ministry, and part in the Godhead. The Holy Spirit appears in various ways in the Bible, and the symbolism used to describe Him includes wind, fire, doves, sounds, languages, miraculous power, and much more. This course delves deeply into all of those depictions and gives a theological account of what they all mean.