Congratulations on your decision to go through our Diamond Life Series!
This is the first step in your discipleship journey at Life Church and we’re excited to partner with you in ministry.
Every person in the body of Christ has giftings and talents to share with others, help in their spiritual growth,
and to reach others with the message of Christ.
Please read the Diamond Life instructions carefully.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Nancy Skaggs.
330-898-1131 x1001 or e-mail
Nancy Skaggs, Ministries Coordinator
  • Complete the Contact Section to let us know you are ready to start Diamond Life.
  • Then, click on the Diamond Life Video Link below.
  • Watch videos #1 – #10
  • When you’ve completed #10, call or e-mail Nancy Skaggs to set up a time meet with her. During that meeting you will take the gift survey & complete video #11 together.
  • Once you’ve completed the series and met with Nancy, you will be given the opportunity for membership and to join a ministry team.
Click link to watch videos.